Why Lavish Wax Diamond Hard Wax? Luxury + Affordable.

Premium Wax at an affordable price!

Lavish Wax was designed to be a luxury hard wax to make it work extremely well at removing even the smallest hairs while being gentle on your clients skin. Made 100% hypoallergenic and vegan so you can feel confident and able to use it on the full body on any client even in the most delicate areas.

Typically a wax like this would have to be a higher price point  but we cut out all the crazy markup and are providing affordable pricing so you CAN have luxury high quality hard wax at a very affordable price. To keep more money in your pocket.

We are so excited for you to try our Diamond hard wax and hope that you are going to absolutely love working with Lavish Wax. Don't forget to request your FREE sample if you are not ready to purchase just yet.


Many wax professionals are using a small wax warmer having to constantly refill their wax warmer in between clients.

We want you to have the best and are going to give you a premium hard wax warmer that holds 10 pounds of your favorite Lavish Wax included with your subscription! We believe you need to have great equipment to complement all your amazing wax skills.

Because we only have a limited amount of wax warmers at a time, we only take a few subscriptions a month so do not delay if you want to claim yours.