How long does a Brazilian wax last?? VIDEO Included

Thinking about getting a Brazilian wax but not sure how long it will last or if it is worth it?

Waxing is amazing, you will love the results.

Shaving will only last a day or two and will create this thick stubble than can be uncomfortable and scratchy. Many people are unable to shave daily as well because it becomes painful razer burn.

Many of our clients say they experience many ingrown hairs when shaving as well.

There are a few things you should know first.

Here is a quick few minute video on what you should know.


1) A Brazilian wax typically lasts 2-4 weeks

A Brazilian wax will last you about 2-4 weeks of no hair, smooth skin.

You will need to grow your hair out for about 2 weeks before getting your next waxing service. 

What we typically tell our clients is that you are hairless for 2 weeks and you regrow for 2 weeks.

The more you wax the thinner your hair becomes.

2) Make sure to find a well rated local esthetician!

You want to find a professional local esthetician, make sure you look at reviews on Google, Yelp, or Instagram to make sure they are good.

Your experience from one esthetician to another can be a dramatic difference so make sure you give yourself the best experience.

3) Waxing can be painful but it's worth it!

Waxing is painful especially for the first time but there are ways to reduce pain before your waxing appointment.

  1. Take ibuprofen before your appointment
  2. Make sure your hair is grown out more than 1/4" inch in length which is about the length of a grain of rice.
  3. Make sure your esthetician uses a premium hard wax such as Lavish Wax Diamond which is more gentle on sensitive areas like the Brazilian area and removes the hair efficiently.
  4. Make sure to stick with it because your hair gets thinner and thinner and becomes less painful over time.

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