Earn more $$ from your Salon Clients 2021 ESTHETICIANS GUIDE

Want to earn more money with your waxing or salon business?

Kind of a silly question, we don't know anyone who wouldn't want to make more.

In this article we will share with you 3 quick and easy tactics you can do immediately to increase your income and it won't cost you anything!

It's always less costly and more productive to try and maximize your revenue on your existing clientele than it would be having to do marketing to find new clientele.

If you follow these 3 tips you will see your revenue per client increase.

You are not a pushy sales person, you are a trusted professional and should be helping your clients achieve best results from your product and service recommendations.

Here is a quick 3-minute video with an overview of the content on this article.


1) Ask your clients if they would like to add on an additional service.

When a client books one service they are much more likely and willing to do a second or third service.

That means there is free money sitting on the table.

Here's an example of some add on services you can ask your clients.

Let's assume your client booked an eyebrow waxing service only. During your service simply ask the client would you like to add on a lip wax today?

Everyone has lip hair and often times clients end up adding on this service and it only takes a few extra minutes that you can squeeze into the pre-booked time for eyebrows. 

That's an extra $8-$15 per client you upgrade! Over the course of a year it can really add up.

Let's do a quick calculation for fun.

1) You wax an average of 15 clients per working day
2) 50% of clients will do an add on service
3) Your average price for add on services is $10

You'll earn about an extra $70 per day and if your working full time that could mean earning almost an extra $20k in the year for doing almost exactly what your doing now!

The key here is to be consistent every day, and every service think of a relevant service that you think your client could benefit from and ask them if they would like to add it on.

Some other examples of add on services:

When a client books a Brazilian wax -> add on stomach strip or inner thigh.

Underarm wax is usually always a good add on service.

You get the point.

Just ask your clients many will say yes and be thankful that you asked!

2) Make sure to sell retail products.

Selling products can be one of the biggest areas to increase revenue.

The typical salon will typically get about 10-15% of their total revenue from retail product sales and some even target 20-25%.

What does that mean?

That means if you are not selling retail products or your not selling at least 10% of your total sales in retail product, than you have some work to do.

Good news.

You don't need to perform any additional services, it doesn't take much time, and most products you sell will be 50% margin or more.

So what kind of products should you retail?

Depends on the focus of business, however this article is focused on waxing businesses so here's some ideas we have for you.

  1. Exfoliant 
  2. Hydration 
  3. Ingrown hair serum 

There are many additional products you could provide that are relevant but we find those 3 to be the core and should be educating each client during their services.

Ok great now that you know what products to sell...

How do you go about selling the products?

You want to educate your client on the ways to get the best results. For example, you would say to your client in order to get the best results you will want to make sure to exfoliate and hydrate your skin and I have a few products I'll show you after the service that I think work the best.

Once the service is over.

Grab the product and hand it to the client. Say this is the exfoliating product I had mentioned that I think will work great for you.

Make sure to explain the benefit of whatever product you are presenting. People want beautiful smooth skin they don't want an exfoliating product. In order for them to achieve smooth skin they can use an exfoliant to get the result they want.

Just remember BENEFITS to them not features of a product.

3) Pre-book your client for their next service.

After you checkout your client you will want to suggest a time 4-6 weeks out from that date and express to the client to ensure you get the best time and on our schedule it's best to get you booked in advance.

This actually helps the client out not have to worry about having to do this task later and they can always cancel or change times.

What can happen if you don't pre-book clients is they are more likely not to come back as they haven't committed to anything.

So if you think about it if you can get more clients returning even 5-10% more to stay booking with you, that's like getting more clients without having to find more and ultimately you make more money!


We hope you found this guide helpful, we are here to help other estheticians build and grow their waxing business.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and your experiences with these tactics, just comment below and we'll reply.

4) Bonus Tip - Make sure to use a high quality professional hard wax

Your clients want a quick and pain-free waxing experience that leaves their skin hair free and smooth so you want to make sure to use a high-quality professional hard wax.

Lavish Wax Diamond is a premium hypoallergenic full body hard wax that is available in a convenient monthly subscription so you never have to worry about running out of wax.

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