Brazilian Wax How Much $$ in 2021?? VIDEO Included

Are you wondering how much a Brazilian wax is going to cost you and if it's worth the money?

We will share with a few ways how to find the best deal on your next Brazilian wax.

The typical Brazilian wax should cost between $50 - $90 however there are some things to be aware of when choosing a waxing specialist.


The price of a wax will have a few factors to consider.

1) The physical geographical location

Waxing in Los Angeles, CA or New York City is likely going to cost much more than a wax in Alabama or Wisconsin for example. The rent and hourly wages in those areas for a waxing studio are much more expensive than the national average.

If a waxing studio's costs are higher then that means they have to charge more for their services.

2) Different types of waxing studios may charge different rates for the same service!

There are many high end salons in five star hotels that will charge a much higher price as they are trying to serve a different clientele and provide a different experience for their guests.

Where an individual esthetician who may rent a room in a salon or have a small studio they run can focus on waxing and provide the same level of service yet provide it at a much lower price because the clientele they serve may be different.

A waxing chain usually are very efficient and provide convivence as they typically will have lots of availability for walk-in clients but they have to pay for more overhead, the estheticians salaries & commissions, plus the owners need to make a profit. So it may end up costing more than an individual esthetician who runs their own business.

Beware of CHEAP Brazilian Wax Prices!

I've had quite a few clients tell their horror stories with some waxing experiences they have had from other estheticians. 

You want to make sure your waxing professional is:

  • Licensed of course (For your health and safety).
  • Reviewed well online or vetted by a friend or family.
  • Use a high-quality wax that is gentle on sensitive areas such as Lavish Wax Diamond which is great for full body and Brazilian waxing.
  • They make you feel comfortable.

As long as the professional you are going to can meet those expectations above then why not save some money?

A typical waxing service is typically booked between 30mins to 1hr so if you think about the time, cost of supplies, and overhead costs it's difficult for an esthetician to remain profitable charging low prices.

Sometimes highly professional licensed estheticians are charging low prices to help build up their clientele and that's perfectly fine you just want to make sure you check out their reviews online before booking their service.

 Shop Around

Simple right?

Surprisingly the pricing will vary greatly between all the different places that provide waxing services.

What more important to me and a lot of my clients is making sure to choose someone who will make you feel comfortable and will provide a good service and not leave you disappointed. So make sure you check reviews first.

Once you have narrowed down the options in your area to the highest rated ones then shop the different pricing.

Most Estheticians and waxing studios will list their price list on their website or through their online booking services and you can simply look at the pricing on each one and make the best decision for you.


I hope you found this information helpful!


Please let me know down in the comments if you want to know anything else and we will reply or make another blog just for your questions.

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